France, 2008, TV movie, 35′, animation 3D


Spike, an elf and young recruit at Santa Claus’ workshop, volunteers for a very important mission: to fetch the sack containing all the letters that the children have addressed to Santa. Unfortunately, Spike will lose the precious mail… and it will get locked in the bank containing the fish reserve of Ping Ville, the city of penguins.
With the help of Raymond, an older and experienced elf, he decides to break into the building in order to recuperate the sack and save Christmas… but Tony and Vito, two polar bear burglars, have planned to rob the bank on the same night… This year, Christmas is far from certain.

DIRECTION : David Alaux, Eric Tosti
SCRIPT : David Alaux, Eric Tosti, Jean-François Tosti
PRODUCTION : TAT productions, Master Image Programmes
With the participation of France Televisions, Teletoon, Vanilla Seed, CNC
With the support of the Occitanie / Pyrénées – Méditerranée Region, Procirep, Angoa, Sacem and Gindou Cinema
DISTRIBUTION : PGS Entertainment
Aired in more than 50 territories

« SPIKE » © TAT productions – Homemade Productions / 2008